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Hunger Pains: The Food Crisis Hits Home

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One of the Mayan prophecies for the time period called Katun 2 Ahau that starts on December 21, 2012 and ends in 2032 is a famine for half the world. I discuss this prediction in my book Mayan Calendar Prophecies: Predictions for 2012-2052. Research below by a highly respected investment service seems to validate this prediction. With the world population expected to be around 9 billion by 2050, can we really grow enough food to feed everyone on the planet?

For a very long time in America we’ve enjoyed a seemingly endless, cheap, and abundant variety of foods from all over the globe. Although for many of us, our understanding of food supply and what it takes to get it all on the grocery store shelves is very limited. Somehow, it just magically appears! The problem: Like so many of our other natural resources, we have simply taken for granted the costs associated with producing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping the items we have come to expect at the market each day.

But with fuel prices and other costs surging, we are seeing …

The End of Cheap Food

Today, in emerging markets such as India and China, there is exponential growth and a new middle class that is demanding things they’ve never had before. Millions of cars, better housing, electronics, and above all … better foods.

Demand has surged for things like meats, better quality grains, soft commodities including coffee, cocoa, and sugar. This huge increase in demand is rapidly outstripping supplies of many key resources, and putting a strain on an already overloaded agriculture system.

On top of the global surge in demand we are seeing a decline in quality agricultural acreage and arable land in many regions, mainly due to an increase in poor farming methods. In China for example, poor hillside farming techniques are quite common. And antiquated farming equipment is often still the norm.

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